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#theWiRE episode 013 - Baily's Dairy at Pocopson Meadow Farm

Doug and Jill visit Meredith Baily of Baily’s Dairy Farm in West Chester, PA.

Posted 02/25/2016 03:04 PM

#theWiRE episode 012 - Best Time To Buy or Sell a Home in Chester County, PA

Thinking about buying or selling a home in Chester or Delaware County PA? This episode is for you.

Posted 02/22/2016 07:53 PM

#theWiRE episode 011 - Doug and Jill visit State & Union in Kennett Square, PA

We catch up with Doug Harris, Owner of State & Union and have a great time learning about his store and United By Blue.

Posted 02/16/2016 07:15 PM

#theWiRE episode 010 - Barns of Chester and Delaware County, PA

Doug and Jill Invite John Rosecrans to join us in studio for a great conversation about historic barns of Chester and Delaware County, PA.

Posted 02/11/2016 07:19 PM

#theWiRE episode 009 - In West Chester at Split Rail Tavern and Salon Chemistry

Doug and Jill stop by Split Rail Tavern and Salon Chemistry in West Chester, PA in episode 9 of #theWiRE

Posted 02/08/2016 07:25 PM

#theWiRE episode 008 - Stucco 101 with Jules Falcone

Doug and Jill sit down with Jules Falcone of Inspection Pros

Posted 02/05/2016 07:32 PM

#theWiRE episode 007 - First Time Home Buyers with Domenic Postorivo

Dom Postorivo schools first time home buyers on do’s and don’t for first time home buyers

Posted 02/02/2016 07:39 PM